Monday 16th Feb 2009
Maalem Announces Management Team

Maalem holding company (Maalem) has announced the appointments to its executive management team, in line with its expansion strategies.  
Chief Executive Office, Mr. Saleh Al Nashwan, said that with the current financial downturn, new options and strategies are being developed which will help investors and businesses.

Maalem has been formed to capitalise on business development opportunities across the region that arise from real demand from end-users, and is combining its analytical processes with what Mr Al Nashwan describes as genuine business fundamentals. “Our goal is to turn a gap in the market into a viable solution which will deliver sustained profitability and generate long term value to stakeholders at all levels” he added.

Mr Al Nashwan, said: “Investments and businesses are all about providing the right answers at the right time, and we feel that although the headlines remain negative, there is still good news under the surface and we need to be in a position to support these development areas. We must have a holistic view about business and approach investments using our institutional model”

Commenting on the new management team, Mr. Abdulla Al Zain, Chairman of Maalem said "At Maalem we have put in place a team of specialists who understand how to develop businesses and get real returns across the value chain, from start up to the end-user.  We are confident that our highly skilled team will see Maalem realize its vision of becoming a catalyst for growth and innovation in the region."

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