Investment Philosophy

Maalem Holding combines the development of innovative business
concepts, fairly short time-to markets and long investment gestation periods.

Innovative Business Concepts
Innovation is a necessary, but insufficient, precursor to value creation.
Sustainable business growth requires the ability to continuously
innovate and reinvent. Long-term Customer Value Proposition (CVP)
associated with sustainable Total Shareholder Value (TSV) could be
achieved when functional innovation (new technology, introducing new
products or markets, etc.) is fused and embedded within a business
reinvention (new revenue model, new alliances, new processes, etc.).
Maalem’s institutional business development revolves around this duality
and complementarily between innovation and reinvention.

Short-Time to Markets
To be in the target market within fairly short time is a competitive
advantage. Maalem works closely with selected partners and
independent investments to accelerate revenue velocity and ensure
that time to market will not jeopardize the projected future returns.
Short-Time to Markets is an essential prerequisite to our investment
selection criteria and would give the company the strategic option
to introduce additional investment products at a given time.

Long-Term Investments
Maalem Holding follows the school of thought that companies
create value through holding investments for long periods. Such
value creation process requires continuous agility, perseverance
and determination.


To inspire innovation
and challenge the norm
for the greater good.

Our Vision