Brand Story


Maalem is the Arabic word meaning ‘Landmarks’. It can also
mean that of a vision coming into focus. The visual identity was inspired
by human communication coupled with the (Arabic) phonetics of the word -
how the sound would manifest in a visual, real-life form. It is both a modern,
dynamic mark (literally) that introduces no additional messages other than
the word 'Maalem' itself. It is also a way of ensuring the logotype has Arabian
context being a graphic interpretation of an Arabic word.

Communicating clearly with a single voice.
A voice of strength, confidence with a tone of
transparency and the ability to inspire.


Now, when handing over their business cards, the directors are able to
suggest, "I give you our word, I give you Maalem". This is a strong and
positive expression to make and emphasises the importance of trust
and integrity when doing business in the region.

I give you our word.
I give you Maalem.


A visual form of sound creates a landscape, a tactile and ever changing
perspective. The Brandmark is an interpretation of the tone, strength
and structure of the word ‘Maalem’. It is unique to the brand and is
rendered in an intricate manner which is intended to mirror the level
of detail found in Maalem’s processes.

It also portrays openness, personality and echoes the calibre of the team.
It becomes a strong element of the brand, known as the Maalem Soundscape.

We have a natural strength; the ability to grow
with consideration and seek new opportunities.
A well established network with roots in the
Middle East and potential for Global reach.