Corporate Governance

A high standard of corporate governance is fundamental to the culture and business practices of Maalem Holding Company. The Board is accountable to the company’s shareholders for good corporate governance. The principles of transparency, accountability, fairness and responsibility underlie the company’s corporate governance system  and are pivotal to the relationship between the company’s Board, its managers and its shareholders.  As the representative body of the shareholders and being accountable to them, a key component of the Board’s approach to governance is to ensure that shareholders’ views and objectives are clearly conveyed and understood throughout the company.  Maalem’s approach to governance is based in the conviction that there is an intrinsic link between high-quality governance and the creation of long-term value not only for our shareholders but all the company’s stakeholders. In order to achieve this synergy amongst the company’s stakeholders, at  Maalem we believe that governance is not just a matter for the Board, and we continuously strive to foster a good governance culture throughout our organisation. To this end we endorse a corporate culture that values and encourages the highest ethical standards, personal corporate integrity and absolute respect for others.